Saturday, June 10, 2006

How It All Began

Ironically, my trip to the edge of space began with a lower altitude but nonetheless thrilling flight albeit in a completely different way. My nephew Ryan and his wife Amy gave me an aerobatic ride in a WWII T6 as a Christmas gift.

There are many who offer rides in vintage airplanes but I strongly recommend Kevin Kegin’s American Warbird (American Warbird) if you have interest in such things. Great to simply cruise along enjoying the view or, as we did, to do a variety of rolls, loops and dives in a 60 year-old open cockpit piece of history.

Prior to that flight, I was searching for Kevin’s site to finalize a few details and accidentally came across the Incredible Adventure site (Incredible Adventures). IA offers a variety of programs including mine, “The Edge of Space”. At any rate, with not a whole lot of thought and no discussion with those who might not see the attraction as I did, I was signed up and anticipating my September 05 trip to Russia.