Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Beginning

Back in September 2005, I traveled from my home in Southern California to Moscow (Russia as opposed to Idaho). Once there I went by car to Zhukovsky Airbase about 50 Km outside of Moscow. A bit of orientation in the morning and early that afternoon, into a Mig 25 for an incredible ride over 80,000 feet straight up to the very edge of space. Mach 2.4 on the way, viewing the curve of the earth with the black of space above and the round blue and white earth below.

This trip was probably to adventure what buying a sports car is to mid-life crisis. I didn’t have to do it as much as I wanted to do it. So I guess that makes this a blog about a mid life, sports car, Mig, adventure kind of thing. At any rate I have time at night and a lot of pictures that can just as easily not be seen in my blog as on my computer.

If by chance you have found this and even stranger, decide you want to see where it goes, be patient. My plan is to post little by little but laziness and a fairly robust business travel schedule means things will not move quickly.